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My name is Benjamin Perosevic, the founder and CEO of CyberSafe Robotics Consulting. A Canadian-born robotics engineer with a passion for innovation and a global perspective, I bring a diverse range of experiences to the leadership of our dynamic company.

Educational Background:

​​With a Master of Science in Robotics and a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics, I have a solid foundation in both theoretical knowledge and practical application. My academic journey laid the groundwork for a career dedicated to pushing the boundaries of robotics and technology.

Cultural and Linguistic Versatility:

Having relocated to Germany at the age of 10, I embraced a multicultural environment and became fluent in English, German, Croatian, and Spanish. This linguistic versatility has proven invaluable in our global interactions, fostering effective communication with clients and collaborators across borders.

CEO Benjamin Perosevic at CyberSafe Robotics Consulting

Professional Expertise:

My engineering career has been marked by versatility and innovation. As a System Engineer at Segula Technologies, I spearheaded the design of hydrogen powertrains, contributing to sustainable energy solutions. At Continental, I served as a System Design Engineer, specializing in the intricate world of hydraulic brake systems. My expertise further expanded in the realm of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) as a Test Engineer at Continental Engineering Services.

Beyond Engineering:

My journey has extended beyond the technical realm. A stint at Deutsche Bank as an IT Business Functional Analyst allowed me to collaborate with an international team, refining not only my technical skills but also my prowess in consulting. Working in a demanding environment, I perfected my ability to navigate complex scenarios, enhancing my problem-solving skills and adaptability.

Making a Difference in Mental Health:

In a compassionate role as a Front Office Specialist and Coach at Asklepios Psychiatry, I provided crucial support to individuals facing mental health challenges. This experience not only deepened my understanding of human dynamics but also underscored the importance of empathy and effective communication in all aspects of life.

As the CEO of CyberSafe Robotics Consulting, my vision is to merge this rich tapestry of experiences into a company that not only excels in robotics consultancy but also prioritizes safety, security, and innovation. Join me on this transformative journey, where every challenge becomes an opportunity and every project an exploration of limitless possibilities.

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